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About Rolflor Cargo Handling System

ROLFLOR is a unique cargo handling conveyor system that is
custom installed into trailers for seamless manual
or automated loading and unloading in less than 5 mins.

The key benefits of ROLFLOR Cargo Handling System are:

      • It loads and unloads a variety of cargo footprints with minimal loss of trailer cube
      • It is the only live floor trailer conveyor system of its kind that can push and support a full 53ft load onto a prepared steel plate dock
      • It can be customized to push out an entire load in a single action, or index individual units at a time
      • It has simple operation, low maintenance, non-marring, high durability and excellent reliability
      • It is compatible with any warehouse configuration

ROLFLOR is proven to immediately increase productivity and save costs in many parts of company operations. 

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